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All of the literature on offer from Families Anonymous is written by FA Members for FA Members.  Offering experience, strength and hope from different perspectives, the literature is available in brief (leaflets), in depth (booklets), and on bookmarks and CDs.  Some of the items are free of charge. Others are available at a very reasonable cost.  To browse the entire selection, please download the order form from the drop down menu. All items are available for dispatch immediately.

L  ~ Listening (Leaflet)
I   ~ I am Responsible (Bookmark)
T  ~ Today a Better Way (Book)
E  ~ Expectations (Leaflet)
R  ~ A Recovering Addict Comes Home (Booklet)
A  ~ A Father Faces Drug Abuse (Booklet)
T  ~ Tough Love (Booklet)
U  ~ UK Members Handbook (Booklet)
R  ~ Readings (All 6 laminates which are read at every FA Meeting)
E  ~ Events (Where to Find a Meeting)

Plus many more!

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