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The longer we continue to struggle alone, the more our thinking becomes confused…

In Families Anonymous we have found that making contact with others who have experienced similar problems helps us to find our own recovery from the unmanageability in our lives.  In turn this can often help friends and other family members, including the person with whom we are most concerned.

In FA there are a number of ways in which we can make contact with each other, including face to face meetings  and FA Conventions in England and in Scotland.  We encourage all those who can, to reap the rewards of these opportunities, from which all of us can benefit.

If there is no meeting in your area, you can join in the discussions on the FA forum and take part in an online meeting . You could also try an open meeting of another 12-step fellowship. There are usually FA meetings at Narcotics Anonymous conventions.
The NA Convention in Birmingham is held annually.
The venue is the Birmingham Metropole hotel:
and more details of the NA Convention can be found here:

If you are motivated to start a meeting in your area we can offer lots of help and advice!

New meetings are starting up all the time, and if you would like to be notified when a new meeting starts in your area, please let us know your contact details. Send an email to or call 0207 4984 680 or 0845 1200 660 (lo-cal). Please check your phone tariff – the cost of calls to 0845 numbers can vary.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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  1. Office October 3, 2015 at 7:15 am #

    Families Anonymous have been offered a free room for a new meeting in central Westminster, just off Parliament Square.
    It’s available Friday nights 6-15 to 7.45pm, and has tea making facilities, comfortable chairs, etc on the ground floor. The building is manned until, so there is no need for keys, door codes and opening up.
    Address: Turning Point, 2, Old Queen Street, Westminster London, SW1H 9HP
    The Queen Elizabeth Conference Centre in Parliament Square is the best landmark to find the venue. Go down Storey Street which is to the left of the Conference Centre. Old Queen Street is on the left hand side.
    If anyone is interested in starting a meeting in that area, please reply: either to the office by email
    or by telephone 0207 498 4680/0845 1200 660 during helpline hours (2-4 and 6-10pm daily) and ask the volunteer to forward your name to the office.

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