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Drug abuse and dependency are pervasive in today’s society, often devastating the life of the dependent person as well as the lives of families and friends. Those with children or loved ones involved in drugs or alcohol suffer mental, emotional, and often physical pain while they watch hopelessly as addiction consumes their loved ones… You may find it difficult to deal with these hurting people. In Families Anonymous, there is help for parents, partners, relatives and friends.

Families Anonymous (FA) is a self-help world-wide fellowship of families and friends of drug users and those with behavioural problems. Based on the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, FA was founded in the USA in 1971 by a group of Los Angeles families. The first group in this country started in London in 1980 and there are now some 50 groups in various parts of the UK. The programme’s focus is on the family and supporting them in coping with the addict. It provides a way for these individuals to put their lives back together and to find a sense of serenity.

Families Anonymous works in many ways. Its basic strength comes from sharing of common problems. There are no fees required for meetings or membership. FA does not solicit or accept any funding from outside bodies. The office is staffed by volunteers and is funded by voluntary contributions given at meetings and by the sale of FA literature. FA is an anonymous programme where only first names are used. In the FA group, members learn to come to terms with the problem that is disrupting their lives. Attending meetings helps members adopt an honest and consistent approach towards the addict. This in turn often brings the addict to realise that he/she needs help to live without drugs. Experience has shown that help for the family and friends means important help for the drug-dependent person.

Copies of any relevant literature are available in quantity at minimum charges to professionals like you, who are in a position to reach people in pain who might not otherwise hear about FA. Please liaise with the FA UK office for your literature requests.