The Face of Anonymity

The Twelfth Tradition of FA states

“Anonymity is the spiritual foundation of all our traditions, ever reminding us to place principles above personalities.”

Anonymity is a vital tool of FA recovery. Anonymity encourages non-judgemental thinking and preserves our identity and that of people following the FA 12 Step programme. Although it does not always come naturally, and needs work,anonymity prevents arrogance and gossip. Anonymity encourages humility and integrity.

When doing public information work, it is important to remember the guiding principle of anonymity.

Here are some guidelines that we find help us in maintaining a balance between anonymity and public information work, whether on the help line or at the level of press, radio, TV and other media.


  • Do tell your story only and how much FA has helped you.
  • Do describe the meeting’s informal setting with no pressure on newcomers and visitors to talk.
  • Do mention that there is no registration, dues or fees.
  • Do invite people to attend a meeting to see for themselves.


  • Don’t encourage people to attend by telling them about mutual acquaintances who are attending FA.
  • Don’t tell other members’ stories.

By following these simple guide-lines and presenting the face of anonymity we continue to

feel safe, build trust and confidence and respect for others.