Supporting you

Each group has but one primary purpose: to help those concerned with someone who may have a problem of drug abuse or dependence. We do this by practicing the Twelve Steps of this program, by encouraging and understanding those affected by this illness, and by welcoming and giving comfort to the families and friends of individuals with a current, suspected, or former drug problem.’ Tradition 5

Most of us who come to Families Anonymous, cannot imagine where we would be without the Fellowship. In order to continue to offer that which was freely given to us, our program depends upon our willingness to carry the message to those who still suffer, and to support each other in our continued recovery.

Every Board Member, Group Secretary, Web Administrator, Member of the Helpline Rota, Office Assistant and Group Treasurer are members of FA and volunteer to give what time they can in service to the Fellowship.  Service is an integral part of recovery and the only way Families Anonymous can continue to function and support those in need.  Every member of FA is encouraged to contribute and will be offered support in doing so, whether it be to offer feedback, assist with a task or join the FA Board.

For more information, to volunteer, or to have your voice heard, complete and return the ‘Volunteer Form’ which appears in the Service Menu or contact the office via phone, email or letter.

Your Fellowship Needs You!