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Posted 7th January 2024:

There has been some flood damage in the Battersea office over the holidays.
The extent of the damage is as yet unknown but believed to be very severe.
That means most or all of our stock of books and literature will be damaged.

For the time being please be aware when ordering books and other literature from the office, that there will be a delay.

The ‘remote’ office functions as normal, which means that the online shop can still be used to order
downloads and to make donations.



All of the literature on offer from Families Anonymous is written by FA Members for FA Members.  Offering experience, strength and hope from different perspectives, the literature is available in brief (leaflets), in depth (booklets), and on bookmarks and CDs.  Some of the items are free of charge. Others are available at a very reasonable cost.  To browse the entire selection, please download the order form from the drop down menu.

All items are usually available for dispatch immediately. The orders are put together by volunteers and dispatched from the office in Battersea. The office is not manned daily, and sometimes not even weekly so you may have to wait up to a couple of weeks for your order to arrive.

There are several key booklets and supporting literature available for download. Click on the Download tab for further information. This section will be updated as and when further documents are available.

There is currently no charge for the downloads, however, a donation to replace normal literature charges (see the order form),  would be very much appreciated at this time. Thank you.

L  ~ Listening (Leaflet)
I   ~ I am Responsible (Bookmark)
T  ~ Today a Better Way (Book)
E  ~ Expectations (Leaflet)
R  ~ A Recovering Addict Comes Home (Booklet)
A  ~ A Father Faces Drug Abuse (Booklet)
T  ~ Tough Love (Booklet)
U  ~ UK Members Handbook (Booklet)
R  ~ Readings (All 6 laminates which are read at every FA Meeting)
E  ~ Events (Where to Find a Meeting)

Plus many more!