Do’s and Don’ts

DO Focus on your own reaction and attitudes.
DO Allow other people to accept their own responsibilities.
DO Manage your anxieties one day at a time.
DO Invest time reading helpful literature.
DO Learn to be open and honest.
DO Involve yourself in Families Anonymous.
DO Encourage all attempts to seek help.
DO Seek the good in others – and in yourself.

DON’T Accept guilt for another person’s acts.
DON’T Nag, argue, lecture or recall past mistakes.
DON’T Overprotect, cover up, or rescue from the consequences.
DON’T Neglect yourself or be a doormat
DON’T Yearn for perfection.
DON’T Manipulate or make idle threats.
DON’T Overlook the growth opportunities of a crisis.
DON’T Underestimate the importance of ‘release with love’.
DON’T Sit at home feeling depressed, when you could be attending an FA meeting, helping yourself and others.